List of File Formats (alphabetical) - P

Ext. Description Used by
P Database PROGRESS source code PROGRESS
P PASCAL source code file
P Parser source code file
P Picture file APPLAUSE
P Rea-C-Time application parameter file ReaGeniX code generator
P0? Split archive UC2 SAS.EXE
P10 Tektronix Plot GCGW
P10 Certificate Request
P12 Personal Information Exchange "Crypto Shell Extensions"
P16 Music (16 channels) ProTracker Studio 16
P22 Patch file (Patch22) Patch22
P80 PLM-80 source
P86 PLM-86 source
p2v Backupfile of a project in eventplanning software plan2viz (windowsbased)
P3T PlayStation 3 Theme file PS3 Theme settings menu
PA1 Worktable PageAhead
PAC SBStudio II Package or Song SBStudio II
PAC STAD Image (graphics ?)
PACKAGE Contents The Sims 2 - Spore - The Sims 3
PAD Automatic print definitions Produa
PAD Keypad definition Telemate
PAF For Personal Ancestral File data files
PAGES Pages document file Pages (Apple iWork '08)
PAK Archive Pak
PAL Palette file Microsoft Draw - Win. Paintbrush - many
PAL Palette file Diablo II
PAN Printer-specific file (copy to CorelDRAW
PAR Parameter file Fractint
PAR PARTS application Digitalk PARTS
PAR Permanent output file Windows 3.x
PAR Parity Archive
PAR2 Parity Archive v2
PART Part of a download file
PAS Pascal language source Borland Pascal
PAT Gravis Ultrasound Patch Convert (c) Villena
PAT Hatch patterns AutoCAD - Photostyler
PAT Vector fill files CorelDRAW
PAT Pattern File Photoshop
PAT GIMP pattern
PB Fax FAXability Plus
PB Phonebook WinFax Pro
PB Proboard Conf. files Proboard
PB Setup file PixBase
PB1 Document First Publisher for Windows
PBA Powerbasic BASIC source code Genus
PBD Phone book FaxNOW! - Faxit
PBD Molecule (protein data bank)
PBI Powerbasic include file Genus
PBI Profiler Binary Input Microsoft Source Profiler
PBK Microsoft Network Phone book MSN
PBL Powerbasic library Genus
PBLIB Power Library PowerBASIC
PBM PBM Portable Bit Map graphics format Jasc Media C
PBM Planar bitmap graphics XLib
PBO Profiler Binary Output Microsoft Source Profiler
PBT Profiler Binary Table Microsoft Source Profiler
PC Text file containing IBM PC specific info
PC3 Custom palette Harvard Graphics 3.0
PC8 ASCII text IBM8 character set NewWave Write
PCA Perfect Clarity Audio Sony Vegas Pro
PCB P-CAD database P-CAD, PCBExpress, and other Printed Curcuit Board design software
PCB Artwork design file (Circuit board design) Zuken CadStar
PCC Cutout picture vector graphics PC Paintbrush
PCD Graphics format (Kodak Photo-CD)
PCD Kodak Photo-CD Image graphics file (768x512) hpcdtoppm
PCF Pixel Coordination Format
PCH Patch file
PCH Precompiled header Microsoft C/C++
PCJ Multimedia authoring tool graphics file IBM's Linkaway-Live
PCK Pickfile Turbo Pascal
PCL HP-PCL graphics data file HP Printer Control Language
PCM OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM AWAVE
PCM PCM Authorware
PCS Microsoft PowerPoint picture package Microsoft PowerPoint - Microsoft ClipArt Gallery
PCS PCSurvey file PCSurvey by Softart - Land Surveying Software
PCT Bitmap graphics file Macintosh b&w PICT1 - color PICT2
PCW Text file PC Write
PCX PC paintbrush bitmap format QPeg - Display - ZSoft - PC Paintbrush
PDA Bitmap graphics
PDB Packrat 5.0 data file Packrat 5.0
PDB container format (envelope) for Palm OS databases Palm OS, Garnet OS, Access Linux Platform, e-book
PDB debugging data Microsoft Windows
PDB Molecule (protein data bank)
PDD Adobe Photoshop Elements Image Adobe Photoshop Elements
PDE Pathology Data Exchange
PDE data PowerDesk Encrypted
PDF Adobe's Portable Document Format Adobe Acrobat Reader
PDF Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit format)
PDF Package Definition File
PDF PCAD Database Interchange Format Pdifin.exe - Pdifout.exe
PDF Print device information Netware
PDG Print Shop Deluxe data file
PDI Portable Database Image
PDL Project Description Language file Borland C++ 4.5
PDM Program Deskmate
PDM PowerDesigner's physical data model (relational model) file format PowerDesigner
PDM Visual Basic (VB) Project Information File Visual Basic
PDN Image file Paint.NET
PDS PALASM Design Description
PDS Pds graphics
PDS Planetary Data System Format
PDS Pldasm source code file (hardware assembly)
PDV Printer driver Paintbrush
PDW Document Professional Draw
PEB Program Editor bottom overflow file WordPerfect Library
PED Program Editor delete save WordPerfect Library
PEM Program Editor macro WordPerfect Library
PEQ Program Editor print queue file WordPerfect Library
PER Program Editor resident area WordPerfect Library
PES Program Editor work space file WordPerfect Library
PET Program Editor top overflow file WordPerfect Library
pet package Puppy Linux
PEX Proboard EXecutable file (Executed from PB) Proboard
PFA PostScript Font File
PFA Type 3 font file (unhinted PostScript font)
PFB Adobe Acrobat document Adobe Acrobat Reader
PFB PostScript font Adobe Type Manager (ATM)
PFC (Personal File Cabinet) contains e-mail, preferences and other personal information AOL
PFC Text file First Choice
PFK Programmable function keys XTreePro
PFM Windows Type 1 font metric file
PFS Database (PFS:FILE) - text file (PFS:Write) PFS
PFT Printer font ChiWriter
PG Page cut/paste file IBM LinkWay
PGD PGP cripted disk
PGI Printer Graphics File device driver PGRAPH library
PGL HP Plotter vector graphics format
PGM Graphics format (Portable GrayMap) JASC Media C
PGM Program Signature
PGP Support file Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
PGS Manual page man4dos
PH Optimized .goh file Geoworks
PH Perl header file
PH Phrase-table Microsoft C/C++
PHD PolyHedra Database
PHM Phone book DN - Lync
PHN Phone list UltraFax - QmodemPro
PHO Phone database Metz Phone for Windows
PHP PHP file
PHP3 PHP 3 file
PHP4 PHP 4 file
PHF Database File Nuverb Systems Inc: Donarius
PHR Phrases LocoScript
PI2 Portrait Innovations High Resolution Encrypted Image file Portrait Innovations Studio2 (proprietary)
PIC 123 Vector graphics format CShow - Alchemy - Paint (Pictor)
PIC Bitmap graphics file Macintosh b&w PICT1 - color PICT2
PIC Lotus picture
PIC PIXAR picture file SDSC Image Tool
PICT Macintosh Picture
PIE GlovePIE script file GlovePIE
PIF OS/2 graphics metafile PICVIEW.EXE
PIF Program Information File Windows 3.x,9x,NT
PIF Vector graphics GDF format file (IBM mainframe computers)
PiM Pascal Text Mode Image File The Ultimate Draw
PIPE PIPE-FLO project design file PIPE-FLO Professional
PIT Compressed Mac file archive created by PACKIT unpackit.zoo
PIV Pivot Stick Animator file Pivot Stick Animator
PIX Alias image file SDSC Image Tool
PIX Inset Pix
PJ Project CA-SuperProject
PJT Additional (FPT) project description file FoxPro
PJX Main (DBF) project description file FoxPro
PK PacKed bitmap font bitmap file (TeX DVI drivers)
PK Peak file Cool Edit
PKL Pickle file(for python(programming language) I/O)
PK2 Quake 2 data file id Software
PK3 Quake 3 data file id Software
PK4 Doom 3 and Quake 4 data file id Software
PKG Installer script Next, Mac OS X, Sony PS3
PKG P-CAD database P-CAD
PKT Fido message packet FTN software
PL Palette Harvard Graphics
PL Perl source code file
PL Prolog source code file
PL Property List font metric file TeX
PL1 Room plan 3D Home Architect
PL2 Palette Diablo II
PL3 Chart palette Harvard Graphics 3.0
PLA Playlist
PLB FoxPro library FoxPro
PLB P-CAD library P-CAD
PLC Add-in file (functions - macros - applications) Lotus 1-2-3
PLC P-CAD database P-CAD
PLD PhotoLine Document PhotoLine image processing
PLE Encrypted Chat Log Messenger Plus! Live Plugin - Log viewer
PLIST Mac OS Property List, also used on iOS, NeXTSTEP, and GNUstep Apple's Property List Editor
PLL Prelinked library CA Clipper
PLM DisorderTracker2 music module AWAVE
PLN Spreadsheet WordPerfect for Win
PLP Playlist
PLP Messenger Plus! Sound Pack Messenger Plus! Live Plugin
PLS Playlist file WarpVision (OS/2)
PLSC Messenger Plus! Script Pack Messenger Plus! Live Plugin
PLSK Messenger Plus! Skin Pack Messenger Plus! Live Plugin
PLT HPGL plotter file vector graphics AutoCAD
PLT Output file for ploter
PLT P CAD: Output file editor for PCPLOT or PCPRINT P CAD
PLT Page Magic 2.0 paper format Page Magic 2.0
PLT Palette
PLT Table for .pll CA Clipper
PLY Data PopMail
PLY Presentation screen Harvard Spotlight
PLY2 Data PLY2 object
PLY ZipPack
PM Auran Jet progressive mesh file (obsoleted by IM and LM) Trainz
PM Perl module
PM Bitmap graphics Presentation Manager
PM3 PageMaker 3.0 data file PageMaker 3.0
PM4 Document PageMaker 4
PM5 Aldus PageMaker 5.0 publication Aldus PageMaker
PMC Graphics A4TECH Scanner
PMI OS/2 V3 SVGA PMI-File Svga.exe
PMI PhatPad note PathWare
PMM Program file Amaris BTX/2
PMP PhotoMorph Project PhotoMorph
PN3 Printer device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PNF Pre-compiled Setup Information file Microsoft Windows
PNM PBM Portable aNy Map graphics file
PNT Macintosh painting
PNT Pointlist segment FTN software
PNT QWK reader pointer file MarkMail 2.x
POF Altera FPGA programming file (External Flash) Altera Quartus
POH Optimized .goh file Geoworks
POL InnovMetric Software Polygon Models Format
POLICY Group Policy File Microsoft Windows
POLY Data Patrick Flynn's Poly Format - 3D object
POP Messages index PopMail
POP Pop-up menu object dBASE Application Generator
POT Microsoft PowerPoint template
POV Raytraced graphics image Persistence Of Vision
POW Power Chords instrument/song file Power Chords
PP Amiga archive POWERPACKER
PPA Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in
PPB Button bar for Print Preview WordPerfect for Win
PPD PostScript printer description file
PPJ Premiere Project Premiere
PPK Archive (using for many distributives) PPK
PPL PolaroidPalettePlus ColorKey device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
PPM Graphics format (Portable PixelMap) JASC Media C.
PPO Preprocessor output CA Clipper 5.*
PPP Publication PagePlus
PPS Storyboard Personal Producer
PPS Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow (stand alone slideshow)
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint
PPTX MS Office Open-XML Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint
PPSX MS Office Open-XML Auto-Play Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint
PR1 Packrat 4.0 data file Packrat 4.0
PR2 Packrat 4.x data file Packrat 4.x
PR2 Presentation Aldus Persuasion 2.x
PR2 Printer driver dBASE IV
PR3 PostScript printer driver dBASE IV
PR3 Presentation Aldus Persuasion 3.x
PRC container format (envelope) for Palm OS databases Palm OS, Garnet OS, Access Linux Platform, Mobipocket
PRC "Product Representation Compact", for embedding 3D data in a PDF file CAE and CAM applications
PRD Printer driver
PRE Presentation Freelance Graphics
PRE Settings Programmer's WorkBench, Microsoft C/C++
PRE Stork graphic file
PRF CheckIt Pro v1.0 data file CheckIt Pro 1.0
PRF Pixel Run Format graphics file Improces - Fastgraph
PRF Printer driver dBASE IV
PRF Profiler output
PRG Program source code (e.g. Clipper language) CA Clipper
PRG Program source dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast
PRG Program Atari
PRI Printer definitions LocoScript
PRJ Borland C++ IDE project file BC.EXE - BCW.EXE
PRK SimPark Saved File SimPark
PRM Parameters
PRN Printer driver Signature
PRN Text file Lotus 1-2-3 - Symphony
PRN Usually printer output file
PRO Profile used by many programs to store configuration data
PRO Graphics profile file DOS
PRO Proboard conf. file Proboard
PRO Punch! Home Design File Punch! Home and Landscape
PRO Prolog language source
PRO PROLOG source code file
PROJ Project File (Interface Builder) NeXT
PROPERTIES Java properties file Java applications
PROTO Message specification Google Protocol Buffers
PRR The Perfect Resume data file Perfect Resume
PRS Norton Viewer DLL file
PRS Presentation Harvard Graphics Win
PRS Printer Resource e.g. fonts WordPerfect for Win
PRS Procedure dBASE IV
PRT P-CAD component P-CAD
PRT Part or Drawing Cadkey
PRT Printer driver Dr. Halo
PRX Compiled program FoxPro
PS Document in PostScript format adobe
PSA Archive (Pretty Simple Archive) PSA.OUT (GNU)
PSB For big Photoshop files Photoshop Document
PSD Design II for Windows Process Simulation Diagram
PSD Periscope Debbuger Def file Periscope
PSD Photoshop bitmap file Photoshop document
PSEG Bitmap graphics IBM printer Page SEgment
PSF Outline PostScript printer font ChiWriter
PSM Music format (Protracker Studio Module) Protracker - MASI
PSM Symbol table of IDE Turbo Pascal
PSM 3D Model 18 Wheels Of Steel
PSN Presentation file for Sound Script Win
PSP image file with layers Paint Shop Pro (all versions)
PSQ Premiere Sequence Premiere
PST Postbox file BMail
PST Archive File Microsoft Outlook
PSV PlayStation 2/PlayStation 3 saved game PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3
PSW File w/ passwords for any program/game many
PT Game crack Player Tools
PT Kodak Precition Color Management System
PT3 Device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
PT3 Template PageMaker 3
PT4 Template PageMaker 4
PT5 Aldus PageMaker 5.0 publication template Aldus PageMaker
PTB Power Tab Software Power Tab Editor
PTB Script PubTech BatchWorks
PTF PlayStation Portable Theme file PSP Theme settings menu
PTF Pro Tools Session File Digidesign Pro Tools
PTG Panasonic Title Graphics
PTL Premiere Title Premiere
PTM Macro PubTech BatchWorks
PTM Music format
PTM Page Magic 2.0 template Page Magic 2.0
PTN Pattern Cadkey
PTN Pattern CarveWright/CompuCarve Designer
PTR OS/2 cursor image file ICONEDIT.EXE
PTR QWK reader pointer file QMail
PTU Performer Terrain Utilities
PUB Package File Exstream Dialogue
PUB Page template Microsoft Publisher
PUB Public key ring file Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
PUB Publication Ventura Publisher - 1st Publisher
PUD Warcraft II Map file Warcraft II
PUT Archive PUT
PUT Graphics format WScan
PVD Script Instalit
PVL Library Instalit
PVM Texture Files PVMEdit
PVT Local Fidonet pointlist FTN software
PW Text file Professional Write
PWF Workflow Files Mac OS X Server Podcast Producer
PWK Workspace File PolyWorks
PWL Password List
PWP Text document Professional WritePlus
PX Paradox 3.0 file Paradox 3.0
PXP 3DS Process file 3D Studio
PXR Pixiar Picio AltamiraComposer
PXZ Compressed file to exchange media elements PSALMO
PY Python script file Python interpreter
PYC Compiled Python module Python interpreter
PYD Python DLL Python interpreter
PYI Cognos Powerplay Model
PYO Optimized compiled Python module Python interpreter
PZD Default settings Pizazz Plus
PZI Graphics format PZP
PZO Overlay file Pizazz Plus
PZP Palette Pizazz Plus
PZS Settings Pizazz Plus
PZT Transfer file Pizazz Plus
PZX Swap file Pizazz Plus

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