List of File Formats (alphabetical) - I


Ext. Description Used by
I Preprocessor output file Borland C Preprocessor
IAK Internet Access Kit OS/2
IAM Assembly file Autodesk Inventor
IAX Bitmap graphics (IBM Image Access eXecutive)
IAX data InstallAnywhere.NET project
IBG PDS graphic file
IBM Archive (Internal IBM only) ARCHDOS
ICA Bitmap graphics (Image Object Content Architecture)
ICB Bitmap graphics
ICC ICC configuration
ICE Archive Cracked LHA (old LHA)
ICFE IceFormula Equation Workspace Penguin George
ICFM IceFormula Math Workspace Penguin George
ICM ICC configuration
ICN ICON source code file
ICO Icon file ICONEDIT.EXE; Microsoft Windows
ID Disk identification file
IDB IDA database IDA
IDB VC++ Minimum Rebuild Dependency File Visual C++
IDC IDA C language source IDA
IDE Borland C++ 4.x IDE project BCW.EXE
IDF MIDI instrument description
IDS IDA imported names format IDA
IDW Vector graphics IntelliDraw
IDW Drawing file Autodesk Inventor
IDX Index many - FoxPro; also unrelated Quicken file format
IFD Form JetForm Design
IFF Interchange Format File (IFF) EA Software - Convert (C) Villena - Amiga
IFF Sun TAAC Image File Format SDSC Image Tool
IFP Script KnowledgeMan
IFS Fractal image compressed file Yuvpak
IFS Iterated fractal system file IFS Creation Kit, Apophysis
IFS Installable file system OS/2
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
IGF Inset Systems GCGW
IGC Flight tracks downloaded from GPS devices in the International Gliding Commission's prescribed format
IHP Watcom help file whelp.exe
IHS Inbound History Bink/+
IIW Power Point Image Importer Wizard
IL hDC Designer Icon Lin dll format
ILB Data Scream Tracker
ILG data LaTeX Index Generation log
ILK Outline of program's format Microsoft ILink incremental linker
IM Auran Jet indexed mesh file Trainz
IM8 Sun raster graphics file
IMA Mirage vector graphics EGO - Chart - Autumn
IMG ADEX graphic file
IMG Disk Image NC 5.0
IMG GEM bitmapped graphics file Ventura
IMG Image for Windows/Image for DOS Disk image TeraByte, Inc. dba TeraByte Unlimited
IMG Vivid IMG file
IMI image Magellan Meridian map
IMI image Magellan eXplorist map
IMP Spreadsheet Lotus Improv
IMQ Image presentation ImageQ
IN Design II for Windows INput file
IN$ Installation file HP NewWave
IN3 Input device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
INB Test script Vermont HighTest
INC Include file several programming languages
IND Data Index dBASE IV
INDD InDesign Document Adobe InDesign
INF Information text file (ASCII)
INF Install script
INF OS/2 hypertext help system file VIEW.EXE
INF Type 1 LaserJet font information file soft font installers
INFO GNU info reader (output from Texinfo) info (Unix)
INFO Icon Data (Amiga)
INGR Intergraph Raster File Format
INI Initialization file
INK Pantone reference fills file CorelDRAW
INS Data WordPerfect
INS Ensoniq Instrument File Ensoniq
INS Installation script 1st Reader
INS Instrument music file (Adlib)
INT Borland Interface Units
INT Program saved in Internal (semi-compiled) format Signature
INT Source of Borland interface module
INX Index Foxbase
IO Archive CPIO
IOB 3d graphics database in TDDD format Imagine
IOC Organizational chart Instant ORGcharting!
ION 4DOS descript.ion file (file descriptions) 4DOS, VC, NDN, Total Commander, XnView
IP Immortal Player file Immortal Player
IPC Intellitec Program Configuration - used to configure vehicle electronics Intellitec
IPF Interchangeable Preservation Format SoftPres
IPG iPod game file iTunes and iPod
IPH Hi-Res Image InterPaint
IPL Pantone Spot reference palette file CorelDRAW
IPN Intecplan project Intecplan Business Plan Software
IPS IPS Patching Format (International Patching System) Rom hacking community
IPT Part file Autodesk Inventor
IPT MultiColor Image InterPaint
IRRMESH static irrMesh files
IRS Resource (WordPerfect) standard.irs WordPerfect
IRT Data IRIT 3D model
IRTR Graphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS
ISD Spelling Checker dictionary RapidFile
ISH Archive ISH
ISMA Output Video file Islam Abusa'a Software
ISO ISO-9660 table see: List of ISO image software
IST Digitrakker Instrument File AWAVE
IT Impulse Tracker music file Impulse Tracker
IT Settings intalk
ITF Interface file JPI TopSpeed Pascal
ITL iTunes music library
ITN Itinerary file TomTom PNDs
ITT IconTweaker Theme
IV SGI Inventor
IV-VRML Inventor VRML Format
IVE OpenSceneGraph 3D model
IVI Image file ImmerVision
IVL Lensflare file ImmerVision
IVP Panorama file ImmerVision
IVU User Interface file ImmerVision
IW Presentation flowchart IconAuthor - HSC InterActive
IWA Text file IBM Writing Assistant
IWB Information WorkBench Prodeo
IWD Call of Duty Map - Game Data Archive Activision, Inc.
IWP Text file Wang
IX data dtSearch index
IZT Izl binary token file IZL

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