List of Compositions By Johann Sebastian Bach

List Of Compositions By Johann Sebastian Bach

There are over 1100 known compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. Listed here are about half of these in the order of the BWV catalog, including the spurious works in the BWV Anhang ("Appendix"). The complementary pages listing the other known compositions by Bach according to the BWV system are:

  • The cantatas BWV 1–224: see: List of Bach cantatas
  • The chorales BWV 250–438: see: List of chorale harmonisations by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • The songs and arias BWV 439–518: see List of songs and arias of Johann Sebastian Bach

Read more about List Of Compositions By Johann Sebastian Bach:  Canons (1072–1078), Late Contrapuntal Works (1079–1080), Reconstructed Concerti

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