List of Compositions By Johann Pachelbel

List Of Compositions By Johann Pachelbel

Approximately 530 compositions have been attributed to Johann Pachelbel. As of 2009, no standard numbering system exists for Pachelbel's work. This article presents a thematically organized list and provides catalogue numbers from three different catalogues:

  • P = catalogue by Jean M. Perreault, 2001
  • T = catalogue by Hideo Tsukamoto, 2002, available online
  • PC = catalogue by Kathryn J. Welter, 1998

For organ works, POP catalogue numbers are provided, from catalogue by Antoine Bouchard for his 1998–2001 recording of Pachelbel's organ oeuvre (this catalogue only covers organ works). Perreault numbers are used as the basis of the list, making individual sections organized alphabetically (i.e. the chorales) and/or by tonality. Because the Welter catalogue does not provide incipits, many of the works with identical titles will share a single PC number (which is in such cases denoted by a question mark).

The following symbols are used:

  • * denotes that the ascription of the piece is questioned
  • ! denotes that the composition is, apparently, lost

Similarly to catalogues of works by most early music composers, Pachelbel's list of works remains perpetually incomplete as new works are regularly found.

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