List of Compositions By Anton Reicha

List Of Compositions By Anton Reicha

This article lists compositions by Anton Reicha an 18th century composer. At present there exists no definitive catalogue of the composer's works and his music, for the most part, is yet to be studied by scholars. Two principal work lists exist: one by Olga Šotolová in her book Antonín Rejcha: A Biography and Thematic Catalogue and another by Peter Eliot Stone in his article for the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. The former list contains a number of errors; these were corrected by Stone in his list.

The present article contains two overlapping lists derived from Stone, several editions of Reicha's music and a number of library catalogues listed in the References and Notes section. The first list presents only works that were published and assigned opus numbers by Reicha's publishers. These numbers, as is usual, follow the order in which the works were published, rather than the order in which they were composed. The second list is organized by genre. Compositions are sorted chronologically; those with composition and publication dates unknown are listed last. Not included in either lists are works currently considered lost, fragments, and works for which details other than title are unknown. Dates of publication and/or composition are given in parentheses where known.

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