List of Compilation Albums By The Fall - Later Compilations

Later Compilations

Tracks from throughout the 1990s are included on A Past Gone Mad (2000), A World Bewitched (2001), and High Tension Line (2002). A World Bewitched is particularly notable as it is a two-CD set and includes many of Mark E. Smith's guest vocals for other artists including Inspiral Carpets and Edwyn Collins. It was deleted quickly but reissued in 2006 and remains available.

2003's Rebellious Jukebox is an odd mixture of material spread over two CDs, mainly from prior to 1983 but also including some tracks from the first Fontana album Extricate, and a few from 2001's Are You Are Missing Winner, with a DVD containing an interview with Smith. However, in 2006, it was reissued without the DVD. A similarly strange juxtaposition was found in 1998's Smile - It's the Best of the Fall, which mixes Rough Trade tracks from the early eighties and (yet again) some from The Light User Syndrome.

Finally, in 2004, the Fall issued a genuinely career-spanning compilation, 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong, which included 39 tracks from throughout the 1978-2003 period across two CDs.

The Fall Box Set 1976-2007, a 91-track collection spanning the group's career to date was released in September 2007. It features a number of rare alternate versions and a disc of live material including many previously unreleased songs.

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