List of Christian Religious Houses in Switzerland - C


  • Cappel, see Kappel
  • Cazis Priory, formerly Cazis Abbey, at Cazis (Graub√ľnden): nuns, rule tbe (late 7th or early 8th century-1156); Augustinian canonesses (1156-c.1565/70); Dominican nuns (from 1647; extant)
  • Claro Abbey (Santa Maria Assunta di Claro), at Claro (Ticino): Benedictine nuns (founded 1490; extant)
  • Collombey Abbey (Abbaye Saint-Joseph d'Arbignon), at Collombey-Muraz (Valais): Reformed Bernardine nuns (founded here 1647; extant)
  • Cossonay Priory (Prieur√© de Cossonay) (dissolved), at Cossonay (Vaud): Benedictine monks (first half of the 11th century-1672)

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