List of Bridges in Paris - Miscellaneous


There are several other bridges in Paris which do not cross a body of water - in the 10th arrondissement, Rue La Fayette et de and Rue de l'Aqueduc pass over the train lines of gare de l'Est. On the boundary between the 5th and 13th arrondissements, boulevard de Port-Royal spans Rue Broca and Rue Pascal. In the XVIII arrondissement, rue Caulaincourt is carried over the Montmartre Cemetery by a bridge. In the 20th arrondissement, rue Charles-Renouvier spans rue des Pyrénées. In the 8th arrondissement, rue du Rocher crosses rue de Madrid.

Also, 2 and 6 of the Paris metro include several aerial viaducts in their above-ground zones, whilst RER C also has a viaduct along the length of quai André-Citroën.

Footbridges may also be found in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont and parc de Reuilly. Among others, the promenade plantée uses the old viaduc Daumesnil. In bois de Vincennes, the islands of Bercy and of Reuilly are linked to each other, and the east of the latter to the rest of the park.

The line for the chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture also includes several bridges and viaducts, as well as footbridges across it such as that carrying rue de la Mare in the XXe arrondissement.

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