List of Bean-to-bar Chocolate Manufacturers

This is a list of companies who produce chocolate, not chocolates. That is, they process cocoa beans into a product versus melting chocolate for use as coating or molding into truffles, pralines, or other chocolate confectionery.

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Company Location Year Founded Products Tons Roasted Per Year Notes
Ah Cacao Real Chocolate Mexico 2003 Single origin chocolate bars, other chocolate products. Artisan producer of dark chocolate and related products made of Mexican cacao. Supports wildlife conservation.
Amano Artisan Chocolate USA
(Orem, UT)
Single origin chocolate (bars, couverture), Cocoa nibs Founding member of the Craft Chocolate Makers of America. The Madagascar bar and the Dos Rios Palet d'or have received gold medals from the London Academy of Chocolate.
Amedei Italy 1990
Amul India 1946
Askinosie Chocolate USA
(Springfield, MO)
2007 Single origin chocolate bars (dark, dark milk, white), single origin natural cocoa powder, roasted cocoa nibs Utilizes direct trade, paying farmers above fair trade prices for cocoa beans and sharing profit with them. One of the only small-batch chocolate maker in USA to press their own cocoa butter, the other is Cacao Prieto. San Jose Del Tambo 70% bar was Silver sofi Award winner at NASFT Fancy Food Show in July 2009. Their White Chocolate Nibble Bar was a Silver sofi Award winner in April 2010.
Baravelli's Wales 2012 Single origin chocolate bars (dark, dark milk, milk) Uses Direct Trade and Fair Trade beans from Costa Rica and Ecuador. The first chocolatier in Wales to produce from bean to bar and only 3rd in the UK.
Barry Callebaut Switzerland 1996 Acticoa, Alprose, Sarotti, Jacques, Van Houten Large producer of couverture, used in many chocolate products.
Benoît Nihant Chocolatier Belgium Single plantation chocolate bars
Blommer Chocolate Company USA
(Chicago, IL)
1939 A broad array of chocolate, cocoa powder and specialty coatings, including Signature and Organic Line of chocolates and high-end alkalized cocoas, custom formulated to serve the confectionary, baking and dairy industries. Blommer Chocolate is North America’s largest cocoa bean processor, a family owned and operated, fully integrated chocolate and cocoa products manufacturer serving customers around the world.
Bonnat Chocolates France 1884 More than 40 single origins bars. Bonnat Chocolatier is the oldest artisan producer of chocolate in the world, producing around 100 tons per year. Founded in 1884 by Félix Bonnat in Voiron, France, Bonnat was the first chocolate maker to create single-origin and single-estate chocolate bars. Bonnat began exporting chocolate to the French colonies in 1919.
Cacao Atlanta USA
(Atlanta, GA)
Cacao Prieto USA
(Brooklyn, NY)
Single plantation chocolate. Factory located in Brooklyn, NY at the former Scharffenberger factory that was purchased from Hersheys. All the beans come from their family farm in the Dominican Republic established in 1899. Cacao Prieto is 100% vertically integrated, from farm to bar and bon-bon. They also press all their own cocao butter and powder in Brooklyn. 100% organic, and Kosher parv
Cadbury Uxbridge, London, England (headquarters) 1824 Chocolate sold in the USA under the Cadbury name is manufactured by Hershey
Cacaoterra El Salvador 1981 Bean To Bar, specialized in local flavors and mesoamerican beans. Makes the brands Cacaoterra, Shaw's, and Mayaland.
Caribeans Chocolate Costa Rica (Puerto Veijo, Limon) Organic bean-to-bar chocolate made on the cocoa farm.
Chocolates Valor (Spanish) Spain 1881 Bean To Bar, specialized in chocolate sugar free and chocolate with high cocoa content and nuts. Chocolates Valor was established in 1881 and is still family owned company, devoted to produce high quality chocolates.

They are world renowned for its unique range of sugar-free chocolate, as it has the same taste as regular chocolate. They are also specialized in chocolate with high cocoa content and nuts.

Claudio Corallo São Tomé and Principe, Africa Unique among chocolate makers, Claudio Corallo is an agronomist from Florence, Italy who cut his teeth in the coffee industry in Zaire (Congo). Claudio left Zaire in the late 1990s, settling in São Tomé and Principe, an island country off the west coast of Africa. São Tomé claims the oldest cacao trees in Africa, which were brought to the island country by Portuguese colonists in 1819. Claudio has the unique distinction of being both a cacao farmer and a chocolate maker. He is able to control the entire chocolate-making process from tree to bar. He cultivates cacao from his farms on São Tomé and its neighboring island, Principe. He does not conch his chocolate, a process that mellows strong flavors and increases the smoothness of the chocolate. As a result, Claudio’s chocolate is bold with a bit of texture.
Cocoa Processing Company Ltd Ghana 1981 Golden Tree Chocolate bars, Chocolate drink
Choklat CAN
(Calgary, AB)
2008 Choklat specializes in making single estate and single origin bars from some of the most well known and rarest cocoa beans in the world. Choklat currently offers 4 different 70 percents, two 80 percents and two milk chocolate. The company also makes all of its confections (hand rolled truffles) to order, and offers almost 1000 different combinations. Due to demand, Choklat currently only sells locally, and does not ship.
Dandelion Chocolate USA
(San Francisco, CA)
Davis Chocolate USA
(Mishawaka, IN)
2011 Single origin chocolate bars in milk, dark, hazelnut, peanut butter, Couverture, baking chocolate (cocoa liquor), and anything between 12%-100% chocolate. An inventive product that Davis Chocolate makes is liquid chocolate (Chocolava) in milk, dark, hazelnut, peanut butter, and anything from 12%-100%. Other products made are raw or roasted are cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, coca powdered nibs (ORAC value of 1,100 per gram), and cocoa powder. Davis chocolate is an innovative bean to bar manufacture that produces everything in the USA and ships worldwide. Custom chocolate is made from 1 pound and up for any customer. Many beans are used from different countries and have a bean that is kosher, better than fair trade, organic, and gluten free.
Divine Chocolate Company UK 1998 Divine (range of chocolates) and Dubble (for children) All products carry the Fairtrade Mark. Co-owned by co-operative of Ghanaian cocoa farmers
Domori Italy
Droste Netherlands 1890 Bean to bar chocolate, cocoa powder, other confectioneries Was given the title "Royal" in 1964. In 1975 ownership became largely foreign (= non Dutch). Currently owned by the German firm Hosta.
Escazu Artisan Chocolates USA
(Raleigh, NC)
Bean to bar to confection, utilizing Latin American Cacao and Antique equipment.
El Rey Chocolates Venezuela 1929
Equal Exchange USA
(West Bridgewater, MA)
1986 One of the largest sellers of Fair Trade and Organic chocolate in the United States. Online
Favarger Switzerland 1826 Avelines, Nougalines
Fazer Finland 1891
Frey Switzerland 1887 Acquired in 1950 by Migros
Garoto Brazil 1929 Acquired in 2002 by Nestlé.
GCB Malaysia 2007 CacaoRich Products, Melko, Private Label Bean to bar chocolate, Bean to chocolate beverage.
Ghirardelli USA
(San Francisco, CA)
1852 Owned by Lindt & Sprüngli
Grenada Chocolate Company Grenada 1999 A cooperative in Grenada making organic dark chocolate from bean to bar as well as growing the cocoa in Grenada (tree-to-bar).
Guittard USA
(Burlingame, CA)
Supplies chocolate to See's Candies
Hachez Germany 1890
Haigh's Chocolates Adelaide, Australia 1915
Hershey's USA
(Hershey, PA)
1894 Hershey's, Heath Bar and many others. Hershey products
Hotel Chocolat UK 2003 A variety of chocolate bars and filled chocolates, collections of single origin and single plantation chocolate as well as a range of savoury cocoa products. Company began as an online only service, before moving into the retail market. Company also owns a cocoa plantation on St Lucian (The Rabot Estate). Hotel Chocolat has an "Engaged Ethics" program in St Lucian and Ghana, seeking to provide farmers with a fair price and necessary support.
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker Canada
(Ottawa, Ontario)
2012 Single origin, organic, small batch. Small bean-to-bar fair & direct trade producer based in Ottawa.
J. S. Fry & Sons UK 1759 Merged with Cadbury in 1919.
Kalev Estonia 1806 Most or all products under the Kalev namebrand
Kraft Foods USA
(Northfield, IL)
1903 Milka, Suchard, Toblerone, Côte d'Or, and many others Bought Cadburys in 2009
Kraš Croatia 1911 milk chocolates (Dorina), chocolate bars, (Dorina, Životinjsko carstvo, Bajadera), nougat desserts and more Founded 1911 as Union, incorporated in 1950, located in Zagreb, Croatia
Laima (confectioner) Riga, Latvia 1980
Monsieur Truffe Melbourne, Australia
Lindt & Sprüngli Switzerland 1845 Lindt, Lindor Sprüngli developed conching
Madécasse Madagascar 2006 Single origin chocolate bars, vanilla products. Founded by Peace Corps volunteers. Pays above fair trade wages and intends to strengthen local economy in Madagascar.
Madre Chocolate USA
(Oahu, HI)
2011 single origin chocolate bars, traditional Mexican chocolate bars, bean-to-bar chocolate making kits, tree-to-bar cacao farm & chocolate factory tours winner of best bean-to-bar chocolate at the 2012 Big Island Chocolate Festival as judged by Jacques Torres, buys direct trade cacao from Hawai’i & Xoconusco, Mexico, #4 in the Saveur 100 list of best new foods of 2012
Mana Chocolate USA
(Portland, OR)
Mars, Incorporated USA
(McLean, Virginia)
1911 M&Ms, Snickers, others. Large chocolate manufacturer, with $30 billion USD revenue in 2008.
Marsatta USA
(Redondo Beach, CA)
Marsatta 89Bar Also sources. Small Bean 2 Bar Artisan chocolate producer. Known for amazing truffles and Pain au Chocolat
Mast Brothers USA
(Brooklyn, NY)
Mayordomo Oaxaca, Mexico Table chocolate, Mole Producer of chocolate made from local cacao. Stores often will mix beans with other ingredients and grind it to customer specifications.
Michel Cluizel France 1948
Mindo Chocolate Makers Ecuador (Mindo) and USA (Dexter, MI) 2009 Produce Raw whole beans, nibs, chocolate bars, baking chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa mass. Member of the Craft Chocolate Makers of America. A micro-batch bean to bar chocolate maker who ferments and roasts beans. Practices Direct Trade. Pays a fair price for beans purchased directly from farmers who grow organic, shade grown, heirloom varieties of cacao.
Natra Spain Independent producer of chocolate and chocolate products, focusing on the private label business.
Nestlé Switzerland 1866 Nestlé, and many others.
Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company USA & Ghana 1991 Corporate headquarters in US, chocolate grown and processed in Ghana.
Olive & Sinclair Chocolate USA
(Nashville, TN)
Olivia Chocolat Canada
(Cantley, Quebec)
Makers of certified organic, high percentage dark chocolate, specializing in removing the bitterness in high percentage dark chocolate. Also produce a line of fair trade chocolate for local coffeehouses. Producing Choccolate Bars, and Chocolate bulk for restaurants. Socially-responsible company: organic products and gives fair compensation to farmers. No flavored chocolate offered except maple chocolate made with pure organic maple sugar. 2011 Silver metal at Academy of Chocolate, UK. Best Bean to Bar category.
Patric Chocolate USA
(Columbia, MO)
2006 Single origin chocolate bars, Dark and milk chocolate blends, Flavored chocolate bars made from the bean (such as the PBJ OMG), nibs and bulk chocolate for chefs and craft brewers. Pays farmers fair trade or higher prices. In-NIB-itable Bar is a 2011 Good Food Award Winner. Founding member of the Craft Chocolate Makers of America (CCMA). Member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA). One of the first craft chocolate makers in the US to exist since the early 20th century.
Perugina Italy 1907 Now a division of Nestlé
Potomac Chocolate USA
(Woodbridge, VA)
The first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Washington, DC area.
Ritual Chocolate USA
(Colorado, USA)
Single origin and single estate, organic chocolate bars. Ritual Chocolate is a Colorado-based chocolate manufacturing company that produces direct-trade, organic, 75% cacao chocolate bars using only cacao and cane sugar.
Raaka Chocolate USA
(Brooklyn, NY)
Royce' Japan
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Hungary Family-owned small factory. Won several silver and bronze awards of. Also making hand-made chocolate sculptures.
Rogue Chocolatier USA
(Three Rivers, MA)
Sacred Chocolate USA
(San Rafael, CA)
Micro-batch bean to bar artisanal certified organic & vegan chocolate maker who stone grinds only unroasted (raw) cacao nibs and beans at or below 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Current sweeteners used in production: Maple, Inulin, Erythritol.
Scharffen Berger USA
(San Francisco, CA)
1996 Chocolate bars, varieties of dark chocolate Recently purchased by Hershey
Snake & Butterfly USA
(Campbell, CA)
SOMA Chocolatemaker Canada
(Toronto, ON)
A microbatch chocolate maker that uses organic, fair-trade cocoa beans from Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Papua New Guinea, and Ghana.
Spagnvola USA
(Gaithersburg, MD)
Stollwerck Germany 1839 Sprengel, Sarotti, Gubor, Quintie KFT, Thüringer Schokoladenwerk GmbH Owned since 2002 by Barry Callebaut
Storck Germany
Swisslion Takovo Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Croatia,Bosnia and Herzegovina 1962 Bean to bar - dark/milk/white chocolate bars (‘Daria’, ‘Duo’), ‘Choco Banana’, chocolate spread (Eurocrem Takovo), chocolate biscuits (‘Ressana’, ‘Choco Biscuit’), chocolate wafers (‘Linea’) and more. A multinational manufacturer in Southeastern Europe, with factories in Serbia (Vršac & Gornji Milanovac), Republic of Macedonia (Resen &Skopje), Croatia (Sisak) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje). Founded in 1962, headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia.
Tcho USA
(San Francisco, CA)
Teuscher Switzerland
Theo USA
(Seattle, WA)
2006 Single origin, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, confections, caramels, sipping chocolate, nibs. Theo products. First organic and fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate factory in US.
Thorntons UK 1911 Different styles and types of chocolate produced
Traidcraft UK 1979 First Fair Trade chocolate in UK
Ülker Turkey 1944 Owners of Godiva Chocolatier
Valrhona France 1922 Couverture used by many chocolatiers
Venezuelan Black UK 1998 Small producer of single estate 100% chocolate bars using Venezuelan cacao. The companies launch was televised as the series Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory which aired in the UK during 2008.
Venchi Italy 1878
Verkade Netherlands 1886
Villars-Maitre-Chocolatier Switzerland 1901
Whitman's USA 1842 Best known for Whitman's Sampler, now a part of Russell Stover.
Whittaker's New Zealand 1896
Wilbur Chocolate USA
(Lititz, PA)
1884 Purchased by Cargill in 1992.
Woodblock Chocolate USA
(Portland, OR)
World's Finest Chocolate USA
(Chicago, IL)
1949 The company is best known for chocolate bars commonly sold by social service organizations as part of fundraisers. Family-owned and based in Chicago for over 50 years.
Zokoko Australia
(Emu Heights, NSW)
2007 Chocolate is produced in small batches and is available in limited release. The range is influenced by the crop vintage and harvest seasons. Owner Michelle Morgan makes the chocolate from scratch, working directly with cacao growers the world over to import the finest quality beans and uses vintage, artisan equipment and traditional methods to roast, grind, refine and temper chocolate in small batches.

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