List of Baptist Denominations - South & Central America

South & Central America

  • Central America
    • Baptist Association of El Salvador (Asociacíon Bautista de El Salvador)(Liberation Theology Church Affiliated to World Council of Churches and American Baptist Churches)
    • Baptist Convention of Costa Rica (Convención Bautista de Costa Rica)
    • Baptist Convention of Nicaragua (Convención Bautista de Nicaragua)(American Baptist Churches)
    • Baptist Convention of Panama (Convención Bautista de Panama)
    • National Union of Baptist Churches (Union Nacional de Iglesias Bautistas de Costa Rica)
  • South America
    • Brazil
      • Biblical Baptist Convention (Convenção Batista Bíblica)
      • Brazilian Baptist Convention (Convenção Batista Brasileira)
      • Brazilian Conference of Seventh Day Baptists Churches (Conferência Batista do Sétimo Dia Brasileira)
      • Independent Baptist Convention (Convenção Batista Independente)
      • National Baptist Convention (Convenção Batista Nacional)
      • Peace Baptist Churches (Igrejas Batistas da Paz)
      • Regular Baptist Convention (Convenção Batista Regular)
    • Other countries
      • Baptist Cooperative Convention of Guyana
      • Bolivian Baptist Union (Unión Bautista Boliviana)
      • Colombia Baptist Youth Union
      • Ecuador Baptist Convention
      • Evangelical Baptist Convention of Chile (Convención Evangélica Bautista de Chile)
      • Evangelical Baptist Convention of Paraguay (Convención Evangélica Bautista del Paraguay)
      • Evangelical Baptist Convention of Uruguay (Convención Evangélica Bautista del Uruguay)
      • Latin American Baptist Youth Congress
      • Light and Truth Evangelical Assembly (Asamblea Evangélica Luz y Verdad)
      • Latin American Baptist Women Union
      • Union of Baptist Churches in Surinam
      • Venezuela Baptist Convention
      • Venezuela Mainstream Baptists
  • Regional Bodies
    • Union of Baptists in Latin America (Unión Bautista Latinoamericana)

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