List of Bad Girls Episodes - Series 7 (2005)

Series 7 (2005)

Series Seven was broadcast on Tuesdays at 9:00pm. A Christmas Special aired on Monday 19 December.

# Episode Writer Director Original airdate Viewing figure
84 Episode One Phil Ford Julian Holmes 10 May 2005 6,210,000
Fenner discovers that life behind bars is no picnic for a former PO when he finds himself on the receiving end of some very rough justice from his fellow inmates. Natalie takes over as Top Dog and starts a protection racket with the help of Darlene. New arrivals, Janine Nebeski and Arun Parmer, arrive on G-Wing and suffer at the hands on Natalie. The Julies give Bev a makeover. Sylvia falls victim of voodoo.
85 Episode Two Liz Lake Julian Holmes 17 May 2005 6,050,000
Jim returns to Larkhall as G-Wing Govenor. Hollamby receives some unexpected and fortuitous news that soon has her jumping for joy. On overhearing the rumours of her windfall, greedy Dr Nicholson suddenly finds her irresistible. The Julies are sacked from the servary and replaced by Phyl and Bev.
86 Episode Three Polly Eden Lance Kneeshaw 24 May 2005 5,640,000
Jim reveals the truth about an attack on him in prison. Natalie is ruling the roost on G-Wing and it seems that everyone is in her debt. She even has a cushy job working in the library, which serves as the perfect place to set up a trap for Arun. Di attacks Natalie, following a set up by Janine.
87 Episode Four Phil Ford Lance Kneeshaw 31 May 2005 5,050,000
Outside the gates of Larkhall, a swarm of press await the arrival of 18-year-old Laura Canning who's been convicted of brutally stabbing her mother to death. Jim has a visectomy, tellin Di he is having counseling. Di returns to Larkhall and warns Natalie to watch her back. Darlene pays the price for making thoughtless remark to the Julies about cancer.
88 Episode Five Liz Lake Laurence Moody 7 June 2005 4,840,000
When an elderly nun called Sister Thomas-Moore arrives at Larkhall, Natalie takes it upon herself to show her that the habit offers no protection from the evil on G-Wing. A solicitor reveals the condition to Sylvia on her aunt's will. Di plants scissors in Natalie's cell. Arun hides away from the wing to keep her secret hidden.
89 Episode Six Liz Lake Laurence Moody 14 June 2005 5,560,000
A new tough inmate, Pat Kerrigan is transferred to Larkhall from another prison and she's more than a match for Natalie. However, the focus of Pat's attention is the saintly Sister Thomas-Moore. Sylvia fears that she could lose Malcolm if she doesn't tell him the truth about her aunt's will, they go ahead with the wedding. Neil and Bobby Darren get intimate. Natalie reveals Arun's secret.
90 Episode Seven Paul Mousley S.J. Clarkson 21 June 2005 5,180,000
Arun is suicidal. The salon is closed and the Julies return to the servary. The thought of being transferred to a men's prison is intolerable. Pat is furious that Natalie's taunts have driven Arun to despair and steps in to defend her. Di visits the MBU and convinces a mother to give her baby to her.
91 Episode Eight Jane Marlow S.J. Clarkson 28 June 2005 4,800,000
Arun's transfer is cancelled. Tina discovers Phyl & Bev's deceit. Di's marriage is in meltdown. Fenner can't believe that his wife has taken baby Dylan from his mother, especially as she doesn't even know the first thing about looking after a baby.
92 Episode Nine Paul Mousley Lance Kneeshaw 5 July 2005 5,510,000
Jim and Di's marriage is over when he discovers her deceit. Bev is quick to the rescue when sleazy delivery man, Frank tries to rape Phyl. Her daring action proves doubly fortuitous when they suddenly realise that they are staring freedom in the face. They also face Sylvia and Malcom when they arrive in Spain.
93 Episode Ten Polly Edan Laurence Moody 12 July 2005 5,780,000
It looks like Fenner is about to get his comeuppance. He's the only PO present in the hanging cell when the girls of G-Wing go to lay flowers in memory of Yvonne - revenge is nigh! Bev is returned to Larkhall, while Phyl remains on the run.
94 Episode Eleven Phil Ford Declan O'Dwyer 19 July 2005 5,580,000
The atmosphere at Larkhall is euphoric - Jim Fenner is dead! However the arrival of new Number One, Joy Masterton soon spoils the mood. She's ex-army, hard as nails, and set on a big shake up. Phyl is returned to Larkhall and faces the wrath of Joy. Natalie impresses Joy and could finally get her weekend release. The entire wing own up to Fenner's murder, though the police are convinced it's Di.
95 Episode Twelve Paul Mousley Jim Loach 26 July 2005 5,490,000
Di has been accused of murdering Fenner and finds herself on the wrong side of the bars at Larkhall. How is she going to survive amongst the women she used to lock up? Natalie attempts to escape while out for the day but is stopped by a mob, organised by Pat. Julie J begins to crack and starts seeing Fenner. Sheena is released, upsetting Pat but she is later returned.
96 Episode Thirteen
2005 Christmas Special
Paul Mousley Martin Hutchings 19 December 2005 7,160,000
Julie S is thrilled that Julie J has been allowed to return to Larkhall. But Julie J is still haunted by the memory of Fenner and is convinced that she can see him lurking around the landings... is he? New inmate, Miranda Miles, worsens the atmosphere.

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