List of Auxiliary Interstate Highways

List Of Auxiliary Interstate Highways

The auxiliary Interstate Highways (also called three-digit Interstate Highways) are a supplemental subset of the freeways of the Interstate Highway System of the United States of America. Similar to the mainline Interstate Highways, these highways also meet all Interstate Highway Standards, they receive the same percentage of Federal funding (90%), and they comply with other Federal standards. The main purpose of the auxiliary Interstate Highways is to serve large American cities and their suburbs. However, some of them provide supplements to the main-route Interstate Highways elsewhere in the United States - in non-urbanized areas. An example of one of these is Interstate 180 (I-180) in Pennsylvania. They also sometimes spare the availability of two-digit Interstate Highway numbers. For example, some of these like I-196 in Michigan and I-540 in Arkansas are more like substitutes for two-digit Interstate numbers.

In some cases, auxiliary Interstate Highways were added onto the original 41,000-mile (66,000 km) long Interstate System to provide an Interstate connection to rapidly-growing cities that had not received even one Interstate Highway in the original plan. Examples of these include I-565 to Huntsville, Alabama, I-185 to Columbus, Georgia, and I-555 to Jonesboro, Arkansas.

In contrast to the primary Interstate Highways, the three-digit highways often run only within or around a single metropolitan area of the United States, whether or not that metropolitan area lies within one state of the United States. In addition, the three-digit are generally shorter, and many do not cross state borders, despite the term "Interstate". Due to the large number of these routes, auxiliary route numbers may be repeated in different states along the mainline. However, no two three-digit Interstates in the same state can share the same number, unless two segments form a gap of a long route that is meant to be complete. Currently, the only states without three-digit interstates are Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico.

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