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  • LINE (application), a popular social messaging application in Japan
  • Line (given name), a Danish and Norwegian female given name
  • A length of rope, cable, or chain when put to use (such as a clothesline, anchor line)
  • A line or queue of people waiting in a queue area
  • A thin continuous length of ink or other marking in a drawing
  • A geographical or political border that is clearly defined and demarcated
  • A name given to some roads in Ontario, usually running perpendicular to concession roads
  • Lines (punishment), punishment by forced writing of text
  • Party line (politics), an idiom for a political party or social movement's canon agenda
  • Lines of cocaine
  • Lines (video game)
  • A one-, two- or three-line whip, a notice issued by a Chief Whip in the UK parliament
  • A "straight line" is used to set up a joke, while the punch line completes it
  • Line Islands, an island group in the central Pacific
  • Line, a drug in the video game Togainu no Chi

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