Liman may refer to:

  • Liman, Azerbaijan, a city in Lankaran Rayon
  • Liman, Davachi, a village in Shabran Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • Liman, Israel, a moshav in northern Israel
  • Liman, Russia, name of several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Liman, Novi Sad, a quarter of the city Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Mount Liman, a 2563 m stratovolcano in East Java, (111°57‘E, 7°50‘S), part of the Liman-Wilis complex
  • Liman Substage, a subdivision of the Illinoian Stage in geochronology
  • Liman (landform), a type of lagoon or estuary, most prominent on the coast of the Black Sea
  • Liman irrigation system, a system of collecting runoff water to sustain small tree groves in deserts
  • Treaty of Balta Liman, a commercial treaty signed in 1838 between the Ottoman Empire and the United Kingdom