Lilith (novel) - Publication History

Publication History

  • 1895, UK, Chatto and Windus OCLC 27718781, Pub date 1895, Hardback, reprinted 1896
  • 1895, USA, Dodd, Mead and Company OCLC 27718786, Pub date 1895, Hardback, reprinted 1896
  • 1924, UK, Allen & Unwin OCLC 8458175, Pub date 1924, Hardback
  • 1925, USA, E. P. Dutton OCLC 6941443, Pub date 1925, Hardback
  • 1954, USA, Eerdmans, Pub date 1954, Hardback, with Phantastes in The Visionary Novels of George MacDonald, reprinted 1964
  • 1969, USA, Ballantine Books OCLC 220455361, Pub date September 1969, Paperback, as part of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series
  • 1981, USA, Eerdmans ISBN 0-8028-6061-3, Re-Published date 2000, Paperback, reprinted 2002
  • 1986, UK, Allison & Busby ISBN 0-85031-626-X, Pub date October 1986, Paperback, reprinted 1987
  • 1986, UK, Lion ISBN 0-85648-342-7, Pub date October 1986, Paperback
  • 1994, UK, Johannesen ISBN 1-881084-27-2, Pub date October 1994, Hardcover, omnibus with a first draft as Lilith: A Duplex

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