Lieutenant General - Lieutenant General Equivalent Ranks

Lieutenant General Equivalent Ranks

  • General pukovnik (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • General potpukovnik (Serbia)
  • Generalpodpolkovnik (Slovenia)
  • Général de corps d'armée (France)
  • Sepah-Bod (Iran)
  • Farig فريق (Saudi Arabia)
  • Rav Aluf (Israel)
  • Generale di Corpo d'Armata (Italy)
  • Chūshou 中将 (Japan)
  • Jungjang (North Korea)
  • Chungjang (South Korea)
  • Generał broni (Poland)
  • Korpskommandant/Commandant de corps (Switzerland)
  • General de División (México)
  • General de Ejército (Chile)
  • Korgeneral (Turkey)
  • Trung tướng and Phó Đô đốc (Vietnam)

  • Général de corps d'armée (France)

  • Rav Aluf (Israel)

  • Generale di Corpo d'Armata (Italy)

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