Liberal Party (Iceland)

Liberal Party (Iceland)

The Liberal Party (Icelandic: Frjálslyndi flokkurinn) is a centre-right conservative liberal political party in Iceland. It has no seats in the Althing, having lost its four seats at the 2009 election.

The Liberal Party was founded by former Independence Party MP Sverrir Hermannsson in 1998. It was founded primarily in opposition to the fishing quota, and became a protest vote. In the following year's election, the party won two seats out of 63. This climbed to four in 2003: a level that was maintained at the 2007 election. However, the party lost all its parliamentary representation in 2009, after a financial crisis hit the country.

The party is a strong supporter of the free market, against subsidies and monopolies, and in favour of civil liberties. It is oriented particularly towards the fishing industry. The party chairman is Sigurjón Þórðarson.

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