Liar's Club - Gameplay


The show featured a panel of celebrity guests, who would be presented with an unusual object; each would give a ridiculous explanation of what the object was used for. Contestants (two in the Serling era, three in the Ludden era, and four in the Armstrong and Boardman eras) would guess which star was telling the true story. On the original run, the player with the most correct guesses won $100. They also played for money in the 70s version; but they played for points on the New version. They started at 100 dollars/points at the beginning of the game and were allowed to place wagers in $10 increments up to $100 during most of Armstrong's tenure, half of their earnings during the Ludden era, and the 80s version's betting range was 10 to 50 points.

Celebrity attorney/actress/producer Vicki Roberts was a regular researcher on the show, who brought in many of the strange objects that were used by scouring local antique shops in the Los Angeles area.

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