Levinson is a surname, and may refer to persons:

  • Arthur D. Levinson (b. 1950), President of Genentech
  • Barry Levinson (b. 1942), American screenwriter/director
  • Daniel Levinson, psychologist
  • Dennis Levinson, New Jersey politician
  • Eric L. Levinson, North Carolina judge
  • Feodor Levinson-Lessing (1861–1939), Russian geologist
  • Gerald Levinson (b. 1951), American composer
  • Jerrold Levinson (b. 1948), American Ph.D. in Philosophy
  • Joel Moss Levinson, Internet personality
  • Marcus Levinson (1887–1933), French dance journalist
  • Nathan Levinson, American sound engineer
  • Norman Levinson (1912–1975), American mathematician who in 1947 proposed the Levinson recursion (Levinson-Durbin algorithm)
  • Paul Levinson (b. 1947), American author
  • Richard Levinson (1934–1987), American writer and producer
  • Robert Levinson, missing American private detective
  • Ronald B. Levinson, American philosopher
  • Sam Levinson, American actor
  • Stephen C. Levinson, linguist
  • Steven H. Levinson (b. 1946), Associate Justice of the Hawaii State Supreme Court

as well as:

  • Jonathan Levinson, a fictional character
  • Mark Levinson, audio company

Levinsohn and Lewinsohn are variants and may refer to:

  • Isaac Baer Levinsohn, Russian-Hebrew scholar and writer
  • Joshua Lewinsohn (1833–?), Russian teacher and writer
  • Ross Levinsohn, former President of Fox Interactive Media, the Internet and New Media arm of News Corporation