Leonor Rosser

Leonor Rosser is a widely-watched television origami artist based in Florida, United States.

Leonor Rosser began her television career as the featured performer on Mundo de Papel ("World of Paper"), an origami-based interstitial series that ran on Discovery Kids (Latin America) from 1997-2002. The program was broadcast over 8,000 times during the 6 year broadcast period. In 2000, the program was translated (through a voiceover) into English, and broadcast on Discovery Kids U.S. network, and in other English-speaking countries. In total, Ms. Rosser's program was broadcast in over 25 countries around the world during that period.

Starting in 2005, Ms. Rosser created another origami series, entitled Origami Alive! with Leonor. This program was co-produced by her company (DVK, Inc.) and was filmed at the studios of WXEL (PBS) in Palm Beach, Florida. It has been available for PBS distribution on NETA (a member-based distribution arm of PBS affiliates). As of June 1, 2006, the program has been broadcast over 5,000 times.

In April 2006, two additional programs were filmed by Rosser/DVK for distribution on PBS: Animal Origami with Leonor and Holiday Origami with Leonor. The programs were scheduled to begin broadcast in September 2006.

In addition to the television series, Rosser/DVK has produced a series of how-to origami DVD/videos- paralleling the origami segments shown in each show. In addition, the company produced animation ("Origami Alive!") which was shown at the Palm Beach International Film Festival (2005)

As of August 2006, Rosser/DVK are in negotiation with several major children's television networks regarding her series and other projects.