Lenny or Lennie may refer to:


  • Lenny (given name)

Fictional characters:

  • Lennie Small, a major character in the novel Of Mice and Men
  • Lenny Leonard, on the television program The Simpsons
  • Lenny, a character in the animated film Toy Story
  • Lenny Kosnowski (of Lenny and Squiggy) on the Laverne & Shirley television show
  • Lenny, a neopet

Titled expressive works:

  • Lenny (album), by Lenny Kravitz
  • "Lenny" (Stevie Ray Vaughan song), a track on the album Texas Flood
  • "Lenny", a song by The Buggles. (1982)
  • "Lenny", a song by Supergrass. (1995)
  • Lenny (film), a 1974 biography of Lenny Bruce
  • Lenny (TV series), a 1990–91 situation comedy starring Lenny Clarke
  • "Lenny" (short story), a short story by author Isaac Asimov


  • Hurricane Lenny, 1999 in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Lennies, stationary lenticular clouds
  • lenny, Debian 5.0-release of Linux operating system
  • Lenny's Sub Shop, a sandwich-shop chain
  • List of guitars used by Stevie Ray Vaughan#lenny, a guitar owned by Stevie Ray Vaughan