Lemmings (video Game) - Legacy - Sequels


Lemmings has inspired a number of sequels, some which have modified the core gameplay but still involve the use of lemming skills to rescue lemmings:

  • Christmas Lemmings (1991-1994) and Oh No! More Lemmings (1991) contain the same gameplay as Lemmings but provide a new set of levels to the player.
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1993) introduces several new types of skills that can be assigned to the lemmings in addition to new levels. Similarly All New World of Lemmings (1994, known as The Lemmings Chronicles in North America) alters some of the core mechanics of gameplay by reducing the number of key skills and adding other mechanics more typical of a two-dimensional platformer.
  • 3D Lemmings (1995) brought the game into the third dimension with skills to take advantage of the additional dimension.
  • Lemmings Revolution (2000) returned to the original's 2D gameplay and core skillset and mechanics, featured 3D graphics, and some of the platformer mechanics originally introduced by All New World of Lemmings.

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