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Members of The Legislative Council

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Summary of Legislative Council Election, 9 September 2012

Geographical Constituencies/District Council(Second) Functional Constituency

Constituencies Registered electors Turnout Turnout (%)
Overall Geographical Constituencies 3,466,201 1,83?,??? 53.??
Hong Kong Island GC 606,678 ?? ??
Kowloon East GC 559,528 ?? ??
Kowloon West GC 437,968 ?? ??
New Territories East GC 874,694 ?? ??
New Territories West GC 987,333 ?? ??
District Council(Second) Functional Constituency 3,219,755 1,672,793 51.95%

(Note: Registered electors not being a registered electors of any of the other 28 FC below will be a elector in District Council (Second). Which means, Uncontested FC's elector cannot vote in District Council (Second) FC)

Functional Constituencies (Excluding District Council(Second))

Functional Constituencies Registered electors Turnout Turnout (%)
Overall 240,733 ?? ??
Heung Yee Kuk 147 n/a n/a
Agriculture and Fisheries 159 ?? ??
Insurance 135 n/a n/a
Transport 204 n/a n/a
Education 92,957 ?? ??
Legal 6,482 ?? ??
Accountancy 25,174 ?? ??
Medical 10,888 ?? ??
Health Services 37,556 ?? ??
Engineering 9,172 ?? ??
Architectural, Surveying and Planning 6,781 ?? ??
Social Welfare 14,093 ?? ??
Tourism 1,319 ?? ??
Finance 128 ?? ??
Financial services 596 ?? ??
Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication 2,586 ?? ??
Industrial (First) 603 n/a n/a
Industrial (Second) 829 n/a n/a
Commercial (First) 927 n/a n/a
Commercial (Second) 1,749 n/a n/a
Textiles and Garment 3,200 ?? ??
Wholesale and Retail 7,242 n/a n/a
Information Technology 6,716 ?? ??
District Council (First) 410 n/a n/a
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The Legislative Council is primarily composed of Chinese citizens who are permanent residents of the HKSAR with no right of abode in any foreign country. Nevertheless, permanent residents of the HKSAR who are not of Chinese nationality or who have the right of abode in foreign countries may also be members, provided that the proportion of such members does not exceed 20% of the total membership of the Legislative Council.

Summary of Legislative Council Election, 7 September 2008

Results of Geographical Constituency Election

Geographical constituencies Registered electors Turnout Turnout (%)
Overall 3,372,007 1,524,249 45.20
Hong Kong Island 627,657 314,870 50.17
Kowloon East 540,649 237,936 44.01
Kowloon West 440,335 207,765 47.18
New Territories East 820,205 362,959 44.25
New Territories West 943,161 400,719 42.49

Results of Functional Constituency election

Functional Constituencies Registered electors Turnout Turnout (%)
Overall 212,227 126,819 59.76
Insurance 144 115 79.86
Transport 178 161 90.45
Education 90,693 54,315 59.89
Legal 6,111 3,872 63.36
Accountancy 22,276 13,864 62.24
Medical 10,606 6,879 64.86
Health Services 36,968 18,192 49.21
Engineering 8,323 5,537 66.53
Architectural, Surveying and Planning 6,147 3,959 64.41
Social Welfare 12,519 8,584 68.57
Tourism 1,261 909 72.09
Commercial (First) 1,040 694 66.73
Textiles and Garment 3,710 2,061 55.55
Wholesale and Retail 6,074 3,131 51.55
Information Technology 5,749 4,137 71.96
District Council 428 409 95.56

Note: Fourteen candidates in 12 FCs were returned uncontested.

Constitutional development
Following the passage by the Legislative Council a two-thirds majority of the motions put forth by the Government concerning the draft amendments to the methods for selecting the Chief Executive and forming the Legislative Council in 2012 on 24 and 25 June 2010 respectively, the Chief Executive Election (Amendment) Bill 2010 and the Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2010 to implement the two electoral methods for 2012 were passed on 3 and 5 March 2011 respectively. The objects of the Chief Executive Election (Amendment) Bill 2010 are to increase the number of seats for each Election Committee sector to 300, allocate the additional seats among the Election Committee subsectors and make changes in relation to District Councils and Chinese medicine subsectors and other related matters. The objects of the Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2010 are to enlarge the Legislative Council by adding five GC seats and creating a new District Council Functional Constituency of five seats and to make other changes related to the Legislative Council elections.

Proposed replacement mechanism for filling vacancies in the Legislative Council
In January 2010, five Council members from each of the five GCs resigned to trigger territory-wide by-elections for the purpose of instigating a so-called “referendum”. They stood in the by-elections and were all re-elected. Subsequently, the Government proposed a replacement mechanism where a vacancy arising mid-term in the Legislative Council would be filled by the first candidate who had not yet been elected in the list with the largest number of remainder votes. Some member of the public expressed concern on the proposal and stressed that the Government should have conducted a comprehensive public consultation on the proposal as the basic rights of the public would be affected. In July 2011, the Government published a consultation paper in which four options were proposed with regard to the arrangements for filling vacancies in the Legislative Council.

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