Legion (Image Comics)

Legion (Image Comics)

The Legion are a fictional group of lost souls who are trapped inside the comic book character Spawn. There are apparently over 6,000 souls living within him, each of whom died within an hour of Al Simmons. They were meant by the Mother of Creation as a "device" to keep Al Simmons' soul free from any outside influence, and so able to fight, and halt, the Armageddon. Following the fulfilment of their role, they were left free to transcend as pure and uncorrupted souls in a mysterious somewhere, neither heaven or hell, known only by the Mother herself. Even if they physically left Spawn for good, they left him their combined knowledge and experience as an eternal guidance.

The Legion, now composed by a mere dozen of members, led by Christopher, Hiroshi and Kumiko Mitamura, return once again to help Al Simmons into fighting Morana, his apparently unborn daughter, aged to prime adulthood and given the K7 Leetha symbiote by Mammon. Being only able to provide a distraction, they're quickly dispatched by the all-powerful Morana, despite their claims to be the strongest members of the once numerous Legion.

Before meeting his last and final death, Christopher claims the slain Legion members are able to reach a new afterlife, a serene place of grace beyond Heaven and Hell.

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