Left Opposition - Leading Members of The Left Opposition

Leading Members of The Left Opposition

  • Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) (1879–1940), People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs, founder and commander of the Red Army and People's Commissar of War during the Russian Civil War, and de facto leader of the Left Opposition. Expelled from the USSR in 1928, he went on to found the Fourth International. Murdered by a Soviet agent.
  • Alexander Beloborodov (1891–1938).
  • Mikhail Boguslavsky (1886–1937).
  • Andrei Bubnov (1883–1940), signed the Declaration of the 46 in October 1923, but defected to Stalin soon thereafter. Later head of the Communist Party organization within the Red Army and then People Commissar (minister) of Education. Expelled from the Party Central Committee in November 1937, arrested and perished in the Great Purge.
  • Chen Duxiu (1879–1942): founder of the Chinese Communist Party, from which he was expelled in 1927, and went on to found the Chinese Left Opposition
  • Yakov Drobnis (1890–1937).
  • Adolph Joffe (1883–1927).
  • Iosif Kosior (1893–1937).
  • Nikolai Krestinsky (1883–1938).
  • Sergei Mrachkovsky (1883–1936).
  • Nikolai Muralov (1877–1937), a hero of the Civil War, once Deputy People's Commissar of Agriculture.
  • Valerian Obolensky (also known as N. Osinsky) (1887–1938), one of the leaders of the Group of Democratic Centralism.
  • Georgy Oppokov (also known as A. Lomov) (1888–1937).
  • Yevgeni Preobrazhensky (1886–1937), the economic theoretician of the Left Opposition, the author of The New Economics.
  • Georgy Pyatakov (1890–1937).
  • Karl Radek (1885–1939).
  • Christian Rakovsky (1873–1941).
  • Timofei Sapronov (1887–1939?), one of the leaders of the Group of Democratic Centralism.
  • Victor Serge (1890–1947), went into exile.
  • Ivar Smilga (Ivar Tenisovich Smilga) (1892–1937), chairman of the Regional Committee of the Soviets in Finland in 1917, chairman of Tsentrobalt, Central Committee of the Baltic Fleet, 1917–1918).
  • Ivan Nikitich Smirnov (1881–1936).
  • Vladimir Smirnov (1887–1937), one of the leaders of the Group of Democratic Centralism.
  • Lev Sosnovsky (1886–1937), a journalist.

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