Lee County

Lee County is the name of twelve counties in the United States:

  • Lee County, Alabama
  • Lee County, Arkansas
  • Lee County, Florida
  • Lee County, Georgia
  • Lee County, Illinois
  • Lee County, Iowa
  • Lee County, Kentucky
  • Lee County, Mississippi
  • Lee County, North Carolina
  • Lee County, South Carolina
  • Lee County, Texas
  • Lee County, Virginia

Famous quotes containing the words lee and/or county:

    ...I am an abolitionist for the sake of my own race—Contact with the African degenerates our white race—I find the association with them injurious to my child—keenly as I watch to prevent it & his faithful nurse to help me ... She is a good woman & so are many of them—Still the race is a degraded one ...
    —Elizabeth Blair Lee (1818–?)

    A horse, a buggy and several sets of harness, valued in all at about $250, were stolen last night from the stable of Howard Quinlan, near Kingsville. The county police are at work on the case, but so far no trace of either thieves or booty has been found.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)