Lectio Divina - The Four Movements of Lectio Divina

The Four Movements of Lectio Divina

Historically, Lectio divina has been a "community practice" performed by monks in monasteries, and although it can be taken up individually its community element should not be forgotten.

Lectio Divina has been likened to "Feasting on the Word." The four parts are first taking a bite (Lectio), then chewing on it (Meditatio). Next is the opportunity to savor the essence of it (Oratio). Finally, the Word is digested and made a part of the body (Contemplatio). In Christian teachings, this form of meditative prayer leads to an increased knowledge of Christ.

Unlike meditative practices in Eastern Christianity (such as hesychasm) which repeat the Jesus Prayer many times, Lectio Divina uses different Scripture passages at different times and although a passage may be repeated a few times, Lectio Divina is not repetitive in nature.

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