Laurie A. Rudman

Laurie A. Rudman, is a Feminist, social psychology professor, and Director of the Rutgers University Social Cognition Laboratory, has contributed a great deal of research to studies on implicit and explicit attitudes and stereotypes, stereotype maintenance processes, and the media's effects on attitudes, stereotypes, and behavior on the Feminism movement. She was awarded the 1994 Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize (with Eugene Borgida) for her research examining the effects of sexist advertising on men's behavior toward female job applicants.

Her 2007 Sex Roles: A Journal of Research publication, "The interpersonal power of feminism: Is feminism good for relationships?" made the assertion that feminists make better lovers than non-feminists and sparked a stir in the academic community. Her research challenges stereotypes that feminists are "unattractive, man-hating lesbians."

Rudman has also produced several significant studies, which have been cited dozens of times, including "Prescriptive Gender Stereotypes and Backlash Toward Agentic Women", "Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Female Authority" and "Implicit and Explicit Consequences of Exposure to Violent and Misogynous Rap Music".