Lauren Child - Clarice Bean

Clarice Bean is also a picture book and novel series by Lauren Child that is for children/young teenagers. Her full name is Clarice Bean Tuesday. She is best friends with Betty P Moody, and Karl Wrenbury is another friend of hers. Clarice Bean is a fan of a book series called Ruby Redfort (Lauren Child is writing a series for Ruby Redfort, started in 2011 ), enemies with Grace Grapello and Mrs Wilberton (her teacher) and is a not a very good speller and she day-dreams a lot. Her family consists of her mum, dad, younger brother Minal Cricket, older sister Marcie, her even older brother Kurt, her grandad and her granny who lives in America and who phones regularly. Those books are:

  • Clarice Bean That's Me - picture book - about Clarice's big family.
  • My Uncle is a Hunkle, Says Clarice Bean - picture book - Clarice's parents have gone away and she is looked after by her Uncle.
  • What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean? - picture book - Clarice and her brother Kurt try to save Planet Earth.
  • Utterly Me, Clarice Bean - novel - Clarice has to do a dreary book project but there's a prize she wants to win.
  • Clarice Bean Spells Trouble - novel - Clarice is in big trouble it's all because of spelling.
  • Clarice Bean, Don't Look Now! - novel - Clarice has a worry list and is wondering what her worst worry is.

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