La Salle Expressway

La Salle Expressway

The LaSalle Expressway (also known as the LaSalle Arterial) is a 2.62-mile (4.22 km) limited-access highway in Niagara County, New York, in the United States. It begins near the North Grand Island Bridge at an interchange with Interstate 190 (I-190) in Niagara Falls and ends just south of the Niagara Falls International Airport at Williams Road in Wheatfield. The LaSalle Expressway is part of New York State Route 951A (NY 951A), an unsigned reference route; the other, 0.42-mile (0.68 km) portion is located along Niagara Street between the Rainbow Bridge and Fifth Street in downtown Niagara Falls. Most of this portion, which is not connected to the LaSalle Expressway, is also part of the signed NY 384.

There are two lanes in each direction of the expressway, separated by a grassy median strip. Currently, only three exits exist on the expressway; however, the LaSalle was originally proposed as part of the Belt Expressway for the Buffalo–Niagara Falls area, stretching from the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls south to Blasdell. The Milestrip Expressway (part of NY 179) in Blasdell and the LaSalle Expressway are the only portions of the loop that were constructed. The LaSalle Expressway was built over an old railroad grade in the 1960s and opened to traffic by 1971. Near its current eastern terminus, the LaSalle Expressway passes directly south of the Love Canal neighborhood.

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