La Cage (song)

La Cage (song)

"La Cage" is the 1971 debut single by Jean Michel Jarre. Although already produced in 1969, Jarre was unable to find a record label that was willing to release the single due to its experimental or futuristic sounds. After a few turn downs, he found Pathé Marconi willing to take the risk in 1971. But the single turned out to be a commercial failure, with only 117 copies sold. Pathé Marconi destroyed the remaining stock . However, the mastertape of "La Cage" was preserved, so that could be featured on the compilation Made in France in 1978. The single can also be found at the Rarities I bootleg compilation in 1994, while the rhythm of Erosmachine was reused throughout the track "Chronologie 2" from his 1993 album Chronologie.

Jarre himself had lost his copy during a move and didn't own it anymore until a fan presented him a copy as a gift.

This track has been remixed in 2009 by French DJ Vitalic. This remix is called LaCage (RMX Vitalic) and was released as a free CD with the French TRAX magazine.

Both of the songs have been eventually released on the 2011 compilation album Essentials & Rarities.

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