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Other Versions

  • In the Elseworlds tale Green Lantern: Evil's Might, which takes place in 1888, Kyle Rayner is a political cartoonist working under the pen name "Rain or Shine." Formerly an associate with Alan Scott and the Bowery Greens, Kyle broke off his ties with them when Alan killed a seventy-two year old shopkeeper named Angus Kelly. Kyle uses the magic ring he found inside the lantern for the benefit of the immigrant masses of New York. Kyle dies near the end in a showdown with Alan Scott, but not until he absorbs Alan into his ring and combines it with Alan's jewel piece. He then takes the bits and pieces of the Statue of Liberty and puts them together, and finally gives Carol his ring and dies in her arms. The story reuses Alan Scott's origin, with Kyle in the main role.
  • Kyle Rayner is a member of the Green Lantern Marine Corps in Superman: Red Son.
  • In the Elseworlds story 1001 Emerald Knights, Ibn Rayner is a young sultan being led astray by his evil vizier, taught life lessons by hearing the tales of Al-Jor-Dhan.
  • A female version of Kyle named Kylie Rayner resides on Earth-11 and is part of that world's Justice League.
  • In Superman & Batman: Generations, he takes on the role of Green Lantern when Alan Scott decides to retire. He reappears in Generations 2, where he is viciously attacked by Sinestro, before fleeing to the White House. His ring is then used by President Hal Jordan.
  • In JLA/Avengers, Kyle appears as the JLA's Green Lantern. He helps defeat Terminus by redirecting his staff's energy. During the battle in Metropolis, he attacks the Scarlet Witch and battles the Vision. Afterwards, he and Superman go to Santa Rico, but they are attacked by Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man. Wonder Man manages to break Kyle's restraints and nearly defeats him before Superman intervenes. He also joins up with Wonder Woman to find the Spear of Destiny and faces Photon and Quasar. They defeat the two, but Iron Man appears and blasts them. In the Savage Land, Photon finally absorbs Kyle's energy and drains his ring. He uses the Cosmic Cube as a power source, but Ms. Marvel takes it from him. When the two worlds are merged, Kyle is replaced with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, but during the final battle with Krona, Kyle reappears and helps attack Krona's forces with a weapon created by his ring based on Iron Man's designs.

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