KRI, kri, or Kri may refer to:

  • kri — the Krio language ISO 639-3 ISO language code.
  • Kri — the Kri language, a Vietic language
  • KRI or Koichi's Ruby Interpreter, the acronym for YARV, the official Ruby interpreter for Ruby programming language 1.9.
  • KRI — or Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia — designs any Navy Vessel of The Republic of Indonesia (see also Indonesian Navy).
  • KRI — or Kebun Raya Indonesia — acronym for Indonesian name of the Bogor Botanical Gardens in Indonesia.
  • KRI — The acronym for the Russian Game Developer's Conference
  • Kri, Karunki railway station — discontinued railway station in Finland.
  • Kri, Karungi railway station — railway station in Sweden.
  • Key Risk Indicator — a measure used in management to indicate how risky an activity is.
  • KRI, Komitet za rabochiy internatsional, Russian section of the Committee for a Workers' International