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Geographical Regions

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Bosanska Krajina, around Banja Luka and encompassing a larger area, also on older maps called Turkish Croatia; westwards from Vrbas river, on the NW from Završje (on older maps, Završje is a part of Croazia Turca, Türkisch Kroatien, Török Horvátország )
    • Cazinska Krajina, borderland of Bosnia towards Croatia around the city of Cazin.
  • Croatia
    • Krayna vu Otoce: medieval Glagolitic name of Gacka valley in Lika highlands
    • Cetinska krajina, area along the valley of river Cetina in the southern Croatia, in Zagora, to the east from Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), mostly containing Sinjsko polje
    • Drniška krajina, area around the city of Drniš in southern Croatia, in Zagora, to west from Cetinska krajina
    • Imotska krajina, area around the city of Imotski, in southern Croatia, in Zagora mostly containing Imotsko polje, to east from Cetinska and Omiška krajina, to west from Vrgoračka krajina; also the name of the soccer club from Imotski
    • Istarska krajina, historical region in western Croatia, central area of peninsula of Istria
    • Kninska Krajina, region around Knin in southern Croatia, to north from Drniška krajina and northeast from Cetinska krajina
    • Neretvanska krajina, historical area westwards from river of Neretva, southwest from župa Imota
    • Omiška krajina, region in hinterland of city of Omiš, in Croatian south, in Zagora; to east from Cetinska krajina, to west from Cetinska krajina
    • municipality of Krajina, a municipality in southern Croatia, located between Split and Imotski, existed from 1912-1945
    • Sinjska krajina, area in Zagora, in southern Croatia, around the city of Sinj, west from Livanjski kraj, southeast from Vrlička krajina (sometimes considered as part of Cetinska krajina)
    • Vrgoračka krajina, area in Zagora, in southern Croatia, around the city of Vrgorac, southwest from Herzegovina and west from Neretva valley, to east from Imotska krajina
    • Vrlička krajina, area in Zagora, in southern Croatia, around the city of Vrlika, west from Livanjski kraj, northwest from Cetinska krajina (sometimes considered as part of Cetinska krajina)
    • Krajina is also a Croat surname
    • a part of peri-littoral area near Makarska in Croatia is called Krajina (see reference)
  • Montenegro
    • Krajina, region in Montenegro that is towards the north from Bar and Ulcinj, across the mountain. It borders Skadar Lake on its northern edge.
  • Poland
    • Krajna, on the border of provinces Greater Poland and Pomerania
  • Serbia
    • Timočka Krajina, borderland of Serbia towards Bulgaria around Timok River
      • Negotinska Krajina, a part of Timočka Krajina around the city of Negotin
    • Koča's krajina, an area liberated during eighth Austrian-Turkish war
  • Slovenia
    • Bela krajina, borderland of Slovenia towards Croatia

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