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History of Korea
  • Jeulmun period
  • Mumun period
Wiman Joseon 194–108 BCE
Proto–Three Kingdoms
  • Buyeo
  • Goguryeo
  • Okjeo
  • Dongye
  • Jin state
  • Samhan
    • Ma
    • Byeon
    • Jin
  • Four Commanderies of Han
Three Kingdoms
Goguryeo 37 BCE – 668 CE
Baekje 18 BCE – 660 CE
Silla 57 BCE – 935 CE
North and South States
Unified Silla 668–935
Balhae 698–926
Later Three Kingdoms
  • Taebong
  • Hubaekje
  • Silla
Korean Empire
Colonial Korea
Provisional Government 1919–1948
Division of Korea
North Korea 1948–
South Korea 1948–
By topic
  • Monarchs
  • Military
  • Naval
  • Art
  • Language
  • Science and technology
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