Knitted Fabric

Knitted Fabric

Knitted fabrics is the third major class of fabric, after woven and nonwoven fabrics.

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Famous quotes containing the words knitted and/or fabric:

    ... a friend told me that she had read of a woman who had knitted a wash rag for President Wilson. She was eighty years old and her friends thought it remarkable that she could knit a wash rag! I thought that if a woman of eighty could knit a wash rage for a Democratic President it behooved one of ninety-six to make something more than a wash rag for a Republican President.
    Maria D. Brown (1827–1927)

    The lore of our fathers is a fabric of sentences.... It is a pale gray lore, black with fact and white with convention. But I have found no substantial reasons for concluding that there are any quite black threads in it, or any white ones.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)