Khatanbaatar Magsarjav - Bogd Khanate of Mongolia

Bogd Khanate of Mongolia

In 1911, Magsarjav was assigned to Khovd as Mongol military aide to the Manchu amban stationed there. After Mongolia's declaration of independence, Magsarjav transmitted the new government's demand for the ambans' removal. After the amban's refusal, Magsarjav returned to Niislel Khüree to report on the situation. In May 1912, he and Damdinsüren were appointed commander of the army and was dispatched to liberate Khovd. On the night of 20 August 1912, Khovd has been taken by the Mongolian army about 2500 in number. Dambijantsan (Ja Lama), Magsarjav, the Bargut commander Damdinsüren and Khaisan have led the operation. Before that, relief Chinese force sent in from Shar süm/ Xinjiang had been annihilated. For their success at Khovd, Damdinsüren received the title Manlaibaatar (forefront hero), while Magsarjav received the title Khatanbaatar.

In the spring of 1913, Magsarjav commanded troops defending the southern border against Chinese incursions near Jingpeng and Dolon Nur in Inner Mongolia . According to Choibalsan, after spending the winter in Mongolia, Magsarjav returned to Inner Mongolia in 1914 to lead operations near Hohhot. However, Russia, fearing a new conflict with Japan, refused to help so the Mongol troops were called back. He was later awarded the Autonomous Mongolian government's "Shar Joloo" medal. In the years that followed, Magsarjav fought against forces under the Bavuujav, who was continually raiding eastern Mongolia. He was later sent to Mongolia's western border. In 1918, Magsarjav was awarded his own banner, which had been carved out his native Itgemjit banner.

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