Kenta Kobayashi - in Wrestling

In Wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • Busaiku Knee Kick (Running single leg high knee)
  • Game Over (Omoplata crossface) – 2011–present
  • Go 2 Sleep – Innovated
  • Octopus stretch
  • Signature moves
  • Cloverleaf
  • Cutter, as a counter to an opponent leaping from the corner
  • Death Valley driver
  • Fisherman buster, sometimes from the top rope
  • Flapjack lifted and dropped into a modified cutter
  • Inverted Go 2 Sleep (Inverted fireman's carry dropped into a knee lift to the back of the opponent's head) – Innovated
  • KENTA Rush (Multiple slaps followed by a spinning chop followed by a roundhouse kick to the side of the head and finished with the Busaiku Knee Kick)
  • Multiple suplex variations
  • Bridging German
  • Bridging tiger
  • Double underhook
  • Neckbreaker
  • Running arched big boot
  • Scoop powerslam
  • Sitout suplex slam, sometimes from the top rope
  • Springboard or a missile dropkick
  • STF
  • Tornado DDT spun into a throat-first flapjack onto the top rope
  • Triangle choke
  • Turnbuckle powerbomb
  • With Naomichi Marufuji
  • Avalanche Busaiku Knee Kick (Electric chair hold by Marufuji followed by a diving Busaiku Knee Kick by KENTA)
  • Powerbomb (KENTA) / Shiranui (Marufuji) combination
  • With Katsuyori Shibata
  • Touch the Sky (Electric chair (Shibata) / Springboard clothesline (KENTA) combination)
  • Entrance themes
  • "No Light Theory" by Brahman (NOAH ?-2005)
  • "Art & Life" by Twista featuring Young Chris, Memphis Bleek and Freeway (NOAH 2005–2007)
  • "What You Know (Instrumental)" by T.I. (NOAH)
  • "Enio" by SebastiAn (NOAH)
  • "Rey Mysterio Jr. Jam" by Ill Harmonics (ROH)
  • Hard in da Paint by Waka Flocka Flame (NOAH)

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