Ken Yeang - Key Projects

Key Projects

There have been several monographs authored by others on Yeang’s work since 1989 (Robert Powell, Leon van Schaik, Ivor Richards and others). The most recent is, Ecoarchitecture – The Work of Ken Yeang, authored by Sara Hart (2011).

Yeang has completed over 200 projects since 1975. His benchmark buildings, projects and their innovations include:

  • The Roof Roof House - Selangor, Malaysia (1985) – his own experimental climate-responsive house that rethought bioclimatic passive-mode low-energy building design.
  • Menara Mesiniaga Tower - Selangor, Malaysia (1992) - a climate-responsive tower that exemplifies Yeang’s key principles for 'bioclimatic skyscraper' design, which received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, the RAIA (Royal Australian Institute of Architects) International Award, the Malaysian institute of Architects Design Award.
  • Kowloon Waterfront Masterplan - Hong Kong (c. 1998) - a green masterplan where Yeang developed the green ecoinfrastructure concept and the novel use of 'ecocells'.
  • National Library - Singapore (2005) - a green library tower (120m) with large sky courts (40m high) that received the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award 2005, and the Singapore Institute of Architects Award.
  • SOMA Masterplan - Bangalore, India (2006) - a signature ecomasterplan that espouses his innovative idea for ecocity masterplanning as the integration of four ecoinfrastructures, with the use of ecobrdges and ecoiundercrofts to enable ecological nexus.
  • DiGi Technical Office - Shah Alam, Malaysia (2010) - that advances the idea of a 'living' ecowall as a nexus of greenery linking all the facades, that received the Malaysian Institute of Architects Design Award (Commendation, 2010) and Green Building Index Gold rating.
  • Solaris - 1-north, Singapore (2010) - that has the innovative 1.5 km long 'Vertical Linear Park' that wraps itself around the tower’s facade enhancing the site's biodiversity, which received the SIngapore Institute of Architects Award (Commendation, 2011), the Malaysian institute of Architects Gold Award 2011, the WACA (World Association of Chinese Architects) Gold Medal 2011 and BCA Green Mark Platinum rating.
  • Spire Edge Tower – (Gurgaon, Haryana, India), under construction with anticipated completion 2012, a signature tower that espouses the idea of a vertical green ecoinfeastructure, and rated LEED Platinum.
  • Ganendra Art House - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (2011) - Art Gallery with accommodation for live-in artist has an experimental 'down-draft' ventilating flue for enhancing comfort cooling, which received the Malaysian Institute of Architects Design Award (Commendation) 2010.
  • The Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Extension (2011) – London, UK, green hospital rated BREEAM 'excellent'.

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