Kemper may refer to:

  • Booz Allen Classic (originally known as the Kemper Open), was a regular golf tournament on the PGA Tour from 1968 to 2006
  • Edmund Kemper, a convicted serial killer who was active in the state of California in the United States during the 1970s
    • Kemper: The CoEd Killer, a 2008 film loosely based on the above
  • Ellie Kemper, American actress and comedienne
  • James L. Kemper, a Confederate general in the American Civil War and a governor of Virginia
  • Johan Kemper, a Christian Kabbalist
  • Kemper Arena, an indoor arena in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Kemper County, Mississippi.
  • Kemper Harreld, an African American concert violinist
  • Kemper Military School, in Boonville, Missouri
  • The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, in Kansas City, Missouri
  • The city of Quimper, France, in the Breton language
  • Kemper Corporation, an insurance company