KB - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • King's Bench, an ancient English court, or the legal citation denoting a case in such court.
  • Knight Bachelor, an English Order of Chivalry (a Knighthood).
  • KjĂžbenhavns Boldklub, a Danish sports club based in Copenhagen
  • King's Buildings, one of the primary campuses at the University of Edinburgh, containing most of the schools within the College of Science and Engineering
  • Druk Air (IATA code: KB), the national airline of Bhutan
  • Kine Bud, a fairly potent strain of marijuana often referred to as KB, and, erroneously, Kind Bud
  • Knowledge base, a collection of knowledge helping users with a given product
  • Knowledge Bowl, an interdisciplinary academic competition
  • Knight of the Bath, a former rank (before 1847) of the Order of the Bath, a part of the British honours system
    • sometimes also incorrectly used to refer to Knight Bachelor, which should be abbreviated "Kt".
  • KB Lager, a brand of Australian beer
  • WWKB, a radio station often referred to as KB Radio 1520.
  • Abbreviation for "Knowledge Base"

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