Kazimiera Szczuka

Kazimiera Szczuka (born 22 June 1966 in Warsaw) is a Polish literary historian, literary critic and television personality, known from the Polish edition of The Weakest Link.

Ms. Szczuka is a member of the Greens 2004 party, advocate of gay rights and supporter of pro-choice rights for women. She is a member of the Programme Council of the green political foundation the Green Institute.

In March 2006, Szczuka satirized on a TV programme a young woman who frequently recites prayers on Radio Maryja, claiming to not know that the woman used a wheelchair. Despite Szczuka's public apology, she was found guilty of "insulting a disabled person and mocking her religion" by the Polish National Broadcasting Council, and the station on which she had appeared was fined 500,000 PLN.

Szczuka complained later, "They hate me because I'm a feminist, I'm Jewish — mostly because I'm a feminist" in an interview for The New York Times and International Herald Tribune.

She works for TVN24 in Wydanie drugie poprawione. She has worked since 2003 for TVN in "Najsłabsze Ogniwo" (the Polish version of The Weakest Link) and in Dwururka.