K With Descender

The Latin letter K with descender (capital: , minuscule: ; sometimes falsely rendered as or ķ) is a Latin letter.

The letter is very easily confused with the Cyrillic letter ka with descender (Қ), which is encoded differently in Unicode, even though it essentially shares the same letter forms.

This Latin letter has been used in China for writing the Uighur language with the former Pinyin-derived “new script” alphabet (UPNY), borrowing the letter form from the Cyrillic letter (and in the past, the same fonts used for writing Uyghur in the Cyrillic script have been used for writing it in the Latin script), until that alphabet was deprecated and the language was converted back to use the Arabic alphabet (and then a newer Uyghur Latin alphabet was created using the Latin letter Q instead for romanizations).

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