June Whitfield - Early Career

Early Career

June started her career in radio in the 1940s with Wilfred Pickles. In 1951, she had her first credited television role in The Passing Show, and she joined the London cast of South Pacific.

Her big break came in 1953 when she replaced the emigrating Joy Nichols on the hit Muir and Norden radio comedy Take It From Here, co-starring Jimmy Edwards and Dick Bentley. In the portion of the show known as "The Glums" she played Eth, fiancee of the dim Ron Glum (played by Bentley). During the next 15 years Whitfield had many small roles on television, including appearances in various Tony Hancock series, Dixon of Dock Green, Arthur's Treasured Volumes, The Arthur Askey Show, Faces of Jim, The Benny Hill Show, Steptoe and Son and Frankie Howerd. Her best remembered work with Hancock is as the nurse in the opening scene of "The Blood Donor" (Hancock 1961). In 1959, Whitfield appeared in Carry On Nurse, the first of her four appearances in the Carry On film series.

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