Julie is a female first name (see Julie (given name)). It may refer to:

Given name:

  • Julie Andrews (born 1935), an English actress, singer and author
  • Julie Benz (born 1972), an American TV actress
  • Saint Julie Billiart (1751–1816), a French nun
  • Julie Bishop (born 1956), a deputy leader of the Liberal Party of Australia
  • Julie Bowen (born 1970), an American TV actress
  • Julie Burchill (born 1959), an English writer and columnist
  • Julie Chen (born 1970), an American television news anchor and producer
  • Julie Christie (born 1941), a British actress
  • Julie Clarke (born 1971), a Playboy Playmate of the Month for March 1991
  • Julie Coin (born 1982), a French tennis player
  • Julie Delpy (born 1969), a French-American actress, director, screenwriter and singer-songwriter
  • Julie Dickson, a Canadian public servant
  • Julie Ditty (born 1979), an American tennis player
  • Julie Nixon Eisenhower (born 1948), a daughter of ex-President Richard Nixon
  • Julie Feeney, an Irish singer and composer
  • Julie Foudy (born 1971), an American soccer player
  • Julie Fowlis, a Scottish singer and composer
  • Julie Goodyear (born 1942), an English TV actress
  • Julie Halard-Decugis (born 1970), a Coin's French compatriot and former tennis player
  • Julie Harris (born 1925), an American actress
  • Julie Kavner (born 1950), an American actress best known as the voice of Marge Simpson
  • Julie London (1926–2000), an American singer and actress
  • Julie Newmar (born 1933), an American actress, dancer and singer
  • Julie Payette (born 1963), a Canadian astronaut and engineer
  • Julie Powell (born 1973), an American author
  • Julie Pullin (born 1975), a British tennis player
  • Julie Seitter, a voice talent for the "Julie" automated telephone reservation system used by Amtrak
  • Julie Taymor (born 1952), an American director of theatre, opera and film
  • Julie Walters (born 1950), an English actress and novelist
  • Julie White (businesswoman) (born 1967), a British businesswoman
  • Julie (Kenji Sawada), a Japanese pop singer, composer and actor

In film and television:

  • Julie (1956 film), a thriller starring Doris Day
  • Julie (1975 film), a Hindi film by K. S. Sethumadhavan featuring Lakshmi
  • Julie (2004 film), a Hindi film starring Neha Dhupia
  • Julie (TV series), an American situation comedy starring Julie Andrews

In music:

  • Julie (album), by Julie London
  • Julie (EP), by Jens Lekman
  • "Julie" (David Bowie song)
  • Julie la belle, a song by Larry Coryell from the album The Restful Mind


  • Julie, or the New Heloise, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Julie, by Catherine Marshall


  • Julie, an interactive doll created by Worlds of Wonder

Famous quotes containing the word julie:

    The Washington press corps thinks that Julie Nixon Eisenhower is the only member of the Nixon Administration who has any credibility—and, as one journalist put it, this is not to say that anyone believes what she is saying but simply that people believe she believes what she is saying ... it is almost as if she is the only woman in America over the age of twenty who still thinks her father is exactly what she thought he was when she was six.
    Nora Ephron (b. 1941)