Judicial Appointments Commission - Recruitment


Exercises are launched on yearly to bi yearly basis with specialist tribunals recruited when required. Potenial candidates may attend a Dry Run which gives them experience of how an actual selection process takes place. Exercises are run by the various Selectn Exercise teams and each exercise requires its own particular requirement however they do follow set processes. All candidates have to apply initially by application form which is then processed, depending on the exercise these candidates are then either sifted or invited to take a qualifying test. After these stages candidates are shortlisted and then invited to an interview on a Selection Day. Candidates may have to attend just an interview or prepare case scenario's for Situantional Questioning. They may also take part in a role play. All of these are marked by the panel members who then make their recommendations to the Selection Character Committee which is made up of the Commissioners. They then agree or disagree with the panel choices and those that make the grade are then put forward to the Lord Chancellor for appointment. The process is made to be as fair and equal as possible with the JAC selecting candidates to put forward for appointment based on merit.

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