Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams may refer to:

  • Joseph Williams (composer) (c. 1800–1834), English composer and coal-miner
  • Joseph Williams (justice) (1801–1870), Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court
  • Joseph Williams (musician) (born 1960), rock singer and film score composer
  • Joseph G. Williams (born 1920), songwriter known for his work in country music
  • Joseph H. Williams (1814–1896), former Governor of Maine
  • Joseph Lanier Williams (1810–1865), U.S. Representative from Tennessee
  • Joseph M. Williams (1933–2008), professor of English and author
  • Joseph P. Williams (1915–2003), creator of the BankAmericard in 1958
  • Joseph R. Williams (1808–1861), Michigan politician and first president of what is now Michigan State University
  • Joseph Powell Williams (1840–1904), English Liberal and Liberal Unionist politician
  • Joseph Williams (bishop) (1857–1934), Bishop of St John's, South Africa

Famous quotes containing the word williams:

    By the road to the contagious hospital
    under the surge of the blue
    mottled clouds driven from the
    northwest—a cold wind.
    —William Carlos Williams (1883–1963)