Jones Paideia Magnet School

Jones Paideia Magnet School is a thematic magnet elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, operated by the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. It enrolls students from all over Davidson County. The school's focus is the Paideia philosophy of education. The school was named in honor of Richard W. Jones, a former principal with 60 years of service to the Metropolitan Nashville school district.

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    A healthy soul stands united with the Just and the True, as the magnet arranges itself with the pole, so that he stands to all beholders like a transparent object betwixt them and the sun, and whoso journeys towards the sun, journeys towards that person. He is thus the medium of the highest influence to all who are not on the same level.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Parental attitudes have greater correlation with pupil achievement than material home circumstances or variations in school and classroom organization, instructional materials, and particular teaching practices.
    —Children and Their Primary Schools, vol. 1, ch. 3, Central Advisory Council for Education, London (1967)