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Sports Figures

  • John Wilson (Australian rules footballer) (born 1940), former Australian rules football player for Richmond
  • John Wilson (basketball) (born 1985), Filipino basketball player
  • John Wilson (angler) (born 1943), British angler
  • John Wilson (cyclist) (1876–1957), British Olympic road racing cyclist
  • John Wilson (footballer born 1914) (1914–1988), English soccer player
  • John Wilson (footballer born 1934), English professional footballer
  • John Wilson (Australian rugby league) (born 1978), Australian rugby league player who has represented France
  • John Wilson (New Zealand rugby league), New Zealand rugby league international
  • John Wilson (soccer) (born 1977), American soccer player
  • John Parker Wilson (born 1985), American football player
  • John Wilson (1910s pitcher) (1890–1954), former MLB pitcher for the Washington Senators
  • John Wilson (1920s pitcher) (1903–1980), former MLB pitcher for the Boston Red Sox
  • John Wilson (sport shooter) (1879–1940), Dutch sport shooter
  • John Wilson (Yorkshire cricketer) (1857–1931), English cricketer
  • Jack Wilson (cricketer) (1921–1985), Australian cricketer
  • John Howard Wilson (born 1930), retired former professional rugby player for Scotland
  • Jocky Wilson (John Thomas Wilson, 1950–2012), darts player
  • John "Weenie" Wilson, American football player and multi-sport coach
  • John Wilson (golfer) (born 1959), American professional golfer

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