John K. Watts - Early Life

Early Life

John Watts was born on the 21 January 1937 in Perth, Western Australia to Western Australia Police Superintendent James Albert Watts and Eileen Sylvia Watts. He grew up in the Maylands area and attended Maylands State School (along with Graham Farmer). After graduating from school, he went to work as an apprentice carpenter and joiner, later gaining a trade qualification in his mid-teenage years.

Upon reaching minimum recruitment age, John Watts joined the Western Australia Police (Police number: 2998) after successfully graduating from the WA Police Academy. John would serve in the Western Australia Police (while playing professional league football with East Perth Football Club) alongside many family members including his Father, Uncles and cousins. To date, the Watts family remains one of longest and largest serving Police families in Australia.

John resigned from the Western Australia Police when he moved to Geelong, Victoria to play for the Geelong Football Club.

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